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Welcome to PinoyGadgets
NEW! website the #1 Two-Way Radio Rental Service Provider in the Philippines!

We provide rental services to Event organizers/management companies, Non-profit organizations, Sporting events, Industrial companies and more! - We are the preferred two-way radio rental service provider of so many Companies and event management organizations - Learn Why - click here!

Professional Use of Our Slick GMRS/FRS Portable Two-Way Radios:

  • Concerts
  • Corporate Events
  • Conventions in locations like SMX / World Trade Center etc..
  • Sports Events - Fun Run, Airsoft, Hiking, Badminton, Triathlon, Cycling tournaments and more!
  • Wedding Events
  • Construction site communication
  • Warehouse communication
  • Travel events / Tour Guides
  • Organizing Team Buildings
  • Inter office communication
  • Hiking and other adventure activities
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Road Trips / Motorcades
  • Party events
  • And more! - Let us help you if portable two-way radio is the best solution for your event communication. Contact Us!
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Our Customers 2015 Events

* Dance Marathon Event in The Fort
* Movie Premier Night Event - Charity Event
* Golf Tournament - Golf and Country Club

* Fun Run Events
Annual Bank Stock Holders Meeting
* Chinese Wedding Event
* Annual Insurance Company Convention
* Medical Convention Event - We covered the entire SMX
* Top Magazine Events
* British based foundation event
* #1 University in the Philippines
* Nationwide Education Convention
* and More!

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